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Who we are

We are a team with almost 100 years of personal coaching experience. Located on one of the best spots in Amsterdam adjacent to the Vondelpark we guide our members to wherever they want to go in life. Our palet of possible options is almost endless. It's up to you now to find out!

Free intake
The Athletic Club


Strenght & conditioning

With our state of the art intake protocols we maske sure the periodisation of every personal training member is carefully monitored so the room for error and injuries is minimised and results are being met. with our bachelor + educated coaches we bring our clients each times they train towards the goals of their choice.

Kick Boxing

Kickboxing and Boxing is one of the most fun ways to increase your coping ability. We believe we can 'read' our members very well and therefore know how to bring you to the next level in the saved possible way. Great to release some anger and frustration and a great getaway from your daily stress factors.

Pre- and post natal personal coaching

Our experience in guiding mothers getting back in shape and/or stabilising their body before and after giving birth is unparalleled. We emphasise the importance of strength & conditioning as nature never intended you to stop moving at all while being pregnant or not. it is of the upmost importance to do so.

Personal Rehabilitation Training

PRT is great program to release you from you injuries. Together with our top of the line physio we plan, test and implement a save program in order to up and walking the streets again ;-)


1 PT



With this option we give you a test, schedule to implement a training schedule given by your coach.

5 PTs



With this option we not only Test and make a schedule but we implement training techniques so you are set for the weeks/ months ahead of you doing what you need to do.

10 PTs



With this option we organise a proper plan including all the necessities that you need to make your training plan work for you. This includes regular Inbody testing, monitoring progress and much more!

Members have different pricing options


The Athletic Club


The Athletic Club


The Athletic Club


The Athletic Club



The Athletic Club