For (kick)boxing you are at the right place at The Athletic Club. The Art Deco style will bring you back to the classic gym studio from the roaring twenties, where famous boxers handed their first punches. Strengthening your muscles using climbing fences, ropes, rings, and other tools from back in the day. Are you more interested in Asian boxing methods? Muay Thai is also on the program. Training can be done one on one or in a small group driven and competitive (kick)boxers. To excel in boxing you need a special set of skills. Muscle strength, speed, flexibility, timing, focus, endurance, and self confidence are essential. Boxing is a complete workout in which you will not only obtain a stronger and more athletic body, but also a stronger personality. Our experts are happy to inform you about the possibilities.


Not attacking, but defence. At The Athletic Club we offer different self-defence trainings that improve physical and mental strength. From Aikido to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Karate to Krav Manga.