Stronger, faster, more efficient. Your performances improve considerably with the right workout. In our opinion weight training is the base of an athletic lifestyle and an indispensable part of fitness. With plyometric training – very popular with top athletes – we help you get the most out of your muscles with minimal risk of injuries. Together with our trainers a periodisation plan with realistic goals is created. We support, coach, and motivate you to reach your goals. Your full body is getting targeted by using extra weight or resistance. The right posture, activating as many muscles as possible and focusing on the core – The Athletic Club provides you with an optimal training. Challenging, effective, and result focused.


Do you want to work on your strength and endurance? At The Athletic Club we have highly educated experts that guide you with your customised program. That means working hard on a high level in a pleasant surrounding – results guaranteed.


Building muscle and minimising body fat – bodybuilding is not easy. Our certified trainers can help you work on your body in a healthy effective way, visible muscular results.


Working hard, sweating hard, and pushing through. Spinning is an intense workout, with which you can burn a lot of calories. You lose weight, improve your endurance, and become faster and stronger. The uplifting music and motivating trainer will make sure you will get the most out of yourself. Follow the instructor from hills and plains, to mountaintops and interval trainings. You’ll go incredibly fast without leaving the room.


The Athletic Club has the perfect location for a multi-workout training, both inside and outside. Our specialised trainers help triathlon enthusiasts to systematically improve their performance on all three elements. Get in touch with us for the possibilities!


Running trainings are intense and perfectly possible to combine with indoor workouts. We start with focusing on technique and posture, when the foundation is sufficient we continue with endurance and interval training. Are you planning on doing a marathon or do you just want to run some extra miles? Our running expert at The Athletic Club is ready to help you set and reach achievable goals. Outside in the Vondelpark or indoor in the club.


Want to improve in your favourite sporst? Depending on which skills you need, our trainers will help you getting more agile, faster, and stronger. Your goals are within reach with a personalised plan created by our excellent trainers.


Being fit and healthy is important at all ages. That’s why The Athletic Club also provides trainings for kids. Under the guidance of a specialised trainer the kids will get to know the broad supply of different sports. Fitness to kickboxing, yoga to running – the possibilities are endless.