Hi, We are The athletic Club!

The Athletic Club was founded in 2012 by Mo Achahboun and has become a household name in Amsterdam. The chic health club combines a gym with authentic tools and the best trainers with top level luxury and personal care.


Mo has a broad background in which sports and motivation always played an important role. Next to being a club owner, he is also a personal trainer and professional sports coach. He was also involved as a trainer in the Dutch television show “De Afvallers”, and was regularly asked to share his expertise in the show “Shownieuws”.

During his international work as personal trainer he came across a world with unprecedented luxury. It inspired him to start The Athletic Club, the most luxury gym of Amsterdam. Mo is regularly to be seen in the media as an expert and still works as a personal trainer in his own club.



The Athletic Club Vondelpark | T: +31 020 6120379 | info@athleticclub.nl

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Reach your goals together with our (bachelor plus) certified personal coaches that will help you improve your physical and mental defensibility. Sign up to boost your athletic skill!


Private lockers

Calm atmosphere

 Complimentary fruit

Intermediary measuring

Towel and laundry service

Group classes available on request

 Bachelor (plus) qualified personal trainers

Corporate fitness is available for all of our packages. The ideal mix for effective management!